Unfinished business

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I love doing things, exercise, crafts, DIY’s, every day jobs. You name it and I’d be the one to put my hand up to do it. But one thing I can’t stand is starting something and not finishing it. Yes some things take time but when it’s something that you can just do fairly quickly I prefer to just do it and get it done, rather then do bits and pieces here and there and finish it ‘later’.

So I’m sure you’re all thinking ‘how the hell do you do things with a baby then?’. And that’s a damn good question or statement to make. 

I have had to shift that approach to everyday life with a baby in tow and it has certainly come with some frustration and difficulty. Simple tasks like doing the dishes, or hanging the washing out can so very easily be interrupted by your waking baby, or grizzly toddler pulling at your leg. 
When my son was first born, and for about the first 8-9 months of having him around I struggled to keep up with the everyday jobs you do around the house; washing, cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, cooking etc. I put it down to my obsession with not wanting to start something because I was afraid my son would wake from his nap, want me to play with him or just want me and I wouldn’t be able to finish what I was doing. Ridiculous right?! 

My partner was incredibly helpful around the home, more than he’ll ever know. He also never got up me that I hadn’t done something (maybe a couple times, but totally understandable, I mean he did go to work everyday and then came home to having to cook dinner and clean). My son was a cat napper in his younger months so maybe I can justify this all by that…?!  By about 9 months of age, he (finally, says mumma) started sleeping for longer periods of time (1 hour minimum) so I started to do the general duties of living in a home, and also managed to prepare and cook dinner for us all. It still feared me whilst doing these jobs that Donté would wake and I wouldn’t be able to finish it off. Of course this did happen on the odd occasion, and I felt frustrated within myself. I certainly didn’t take this out on Donté, but I couldn’t fully focus on what I was doing with him. 

Enjoying the horsey ride together

I am very much into keeping fit and being healthy, but fitting a workout in felt absolutely impossible. We will always get out for a walk each day (if not, every second day), but I have only very recently got back into properly working out with consistency and commitment. The inspiration I get from other #instafitmums who workout with their bubs around has helped with changing my perspective on this obsession I have. I now work out 5-6 times a week, sometimes during nap time, but mostly when Donté is up –  And he loves it! He rolls around on my mat, tries to pick up my weights, has so many giggles at me jumping around and he launches himself onto me so that he feels apart of it too. Yes he does stop me sometimes and wants me to do something with him, and that’s ok. I stop and do what he wants me to do, then I get back to it when he is done showing me. From the likes of some of my fav Insta accounts, 





(just to name a few, as there are so many of you that I follow and aspire to) they have made me realise it isn’t about doing your workout all in one hit, and showing me that you can take a minute or two (or longer if needed) to play with our littlest ones in between. 

I have taken this approach to everyday life as well now. If I don’t get to finish the dishes it is not the end of the world, because giving my son my full attention when he wants it is my number one priority. And seeing him happy and having fun is so so important to me. As ‘they’ say, your children won’t remember if the house was clean and tidy or if it was a mess, but what they will remember is that their mother and father played with them and gave their full attention to them. And that’s how I want to be remembered. 

It is moments like these that are the best ones

Big hugs xx


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