Health & Fitness – Where I began, where I was, where I am now

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As a teen, I liked to believe I was fit, but I really wasn’t. I mean, I wasn’t unfit, but I didn’t do a lot to actually keep fit and healthy. I played sport throughout the years and thats about as far as my fitness regime got. 

In year 12, my friends and I went on a get fit and slim for graduation program (self made), in which we kept each other motivated because who didn’t want to look their best in a gorgeous ball gown with your hair and make up done. But once we finished school I didn’t continue with it. I went travelling and all that went out the window. All I wanted to do was party and experience the world for the next few years of my early adult life. And why damn not, really!! I did the odd workout or run here and there but never had any consistancy. Not until I settled after 5ish years of partying and travelling, which I might add, do not regret. 

I can’t remember what inspired me to change my lifestyle around a bit and want to get fit and healthy. Maybe a lady I worked with who was studying to be a PT at the time? Anyway, I joined the gym – Fitness First. I couldn’t afford a trainer but felt as if I REALLY needed one to get me started and keep me on track initially. So I decided to juggle a few things around financially and sacrafire my shopping habit (slightly) and got myself a PT! Woohoo, I was on the road to becoming a healthy version of myself. And it was all worth it. 

I thrived on going to the gym and working out. The weights, the circuits, my trainer. I had an instant love for it (not as in IN LOVE with my trainer, ha ha). My goals at the time were to feel/get fitter and gain some strength. And that I did over time.

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I’d never done any long distance running either but found myself signed up to the City2Surf later that year. I trained for that, so began to incorporate some distance running into my fitness program. My goal for that was to finish the run without having to walk any of it – and that I did. I remember being so pround of myself (probs sounds a little silly), I rang my mum, told all my fam and friends that I did it. I ran 12ish kilometers without stopping for the first time in my life! I then wanted to do a half marathon – I’m still working on that one. 

I was still loving the gym. I trained with my trainer twice a week and did my own sessions or group classes 4 to 5 times per week. So some weeks I’d train 7 days! I couldn’t get enough of it. It made me feel so good, inside and out. 

I didn’t have a lot of good friends in the big city of Sydney where I was living at the time so this was my focus. I was rarely out on a Friday/Saturday which didn’t bother me much as I couldn’t afford the big nights out anyway, and I hated wasting the next day nursing those dreaded hangovers. 
I then decided to do a 100km walk, as a run. I trained for about 3-4 months. I trained hard and I trained a lot. Some days I’d train twice a day for a couple hours each session. I didn’t allow my body the rest it needed. I had the mindset that if I didn’t train hard I wouldn’t be able to complete the distance. 

The day arrived and the conditions were horrendous. It had rained in the week leading up to the day so the track was wet, muddy, slosh and rivers were flowing. I quit (not that easily), but after about 70 tough kilometers my knees had had it. I couldn’t walk – let alone run – down hill.
I decided to take some time off training. I was emotionally, mentally and what felt physically wrecked. I lost the passion and drive I had for being fit and healthy after going – what I see now as – too hard. I didn’t give my body rest and recovery time (which is probably why I didn’t finish walk/run) that it needed. 

I really struggled to get that passion back. I knew I wanted to be fit and healthy and exercise regularly but I just dreaded what I went through. I didn’t have any goals, and I sure as hell wasn’t setting any after the crazy 100km one that I had. The thought of that makes me anxious.

I was back to where I started. I did the odd workout here and there but I wasn’t consistant. I fell pregnant, and I was probably lucky in a way that I had been so fit and healthy for a few years that I coped well with my pregnancy. After Donté was born I took up netball (again) and I thought that may have been the motivation I needed to get back into living a fit and healthy lifestyle. I was to a small degree. I loved playing and training. It made me feel good. I attempted to run and do some weight training in addition to just playing netball and although I did this for a few weeks, I didn’t keep up with it. I was just not consistant.  I put this down to ‘Unfinished Business‘ (if you’ve read my last blog you’ll know what I’m talking about here). 

Now I’ve overcome that, thanks to the Instafitmum community, I have the motivation and consistancy in my training. 
I feel so good again now I’m back training, in the same way I felt when I first started training at the gym about 5ish years ago.

I am doing this for my family – that is my purpose. I don’t train as hard as I used to but I am consistant. And when I train I give it my all, and that is what is important to me. I’d only be cheating myself if I don’t push out the last few reps or if I skip a round, so I keep going right until the end!

Having a toddler keeps me on the go non-stop and I need to keep my energy levels up so I can keep up with him every day!
I’m no personal trainer, but if I can offer any advice it would be to listen to your body and rest. Your body needs time to recover for it to perform at its best. And this will avoid burnout (like what I experienced) so you will be more likely to keep up the consistancy in your training programs and keep at it for longer. Happy training!

Big hugs xx


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