The incredible moment of giving birth

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If your anything like me you love reading or hearing the amazing stories of bringing a new life into this world. And because I asked so many of my friends to share their birth experiences to get an idea of what can go on, I though it would be nice to share this for other woman’s benefits too. This was my way of preparing for birth because at the beginning of my pregnancy I was absolutely terrified at the thought of birth. Hearing what some of my friends experienced and watching clip after clip on YouTube, it prepared my mind for what was to come which made me feel more comfortable with birthing my baby.

The woman’s body is so amazing. The way we carry a new life inside us, that relies on us to grow and develop over a period of nine months, sometimes shorter, then to be able to birth a little tiny human the way we do. We absolutely deserve to be praised, because giving birth sure ain’t a walk in the park. So well done to every single mumma out there, no matter how you delivered your baby or babies! 

My due date was the 16th Jan 2016. From about 36 weeks, I had been losing weight. Not massive amounts, but a few hundred grams here and there each check in with the doc. At 39 weeks and 2 days I had my check in with our doctor. Everything was looking and feeling good, apart from my weight once again. I’d lost another 300g on this visit since the visit a week ago. Although our doctor (Kay) was not overly concerned as I was generally well, baby was moving around a lot, his heart rate was good  and I had been eating A LOT (made sure of that after the previous few visits), he requested I go up to the hospital for our baby to be monitored just to double check all was good. Before I went to be monitored, he decided to do the stretch and scrap on me – my gosh was that an experience!? Quite unpleasant and uncomfortable to say the least. He said to me that he was sure I’d go into labor at some point over the day/night as my cervix was soft and thin so said that he’d see me soon. I was instantly filled with excitement and butterflies. My partner and I could not wipe the smiles of our face, we were going to meet our little boy so soon. 

Off to the hospital we went and baby was monitored for about an hour and a half. Everything was looking fine, he was moving well, and active and napping as per what they say is normal. Kay decided to leave things at that…until about 6.30pm that evening. I get a phone call as I’m walking out of Coles supermarket from Kay saying that if I’m not in over night, I’m to come in at 7.30am to be induced. The amount of joy and excitement that had just filled my partner and I was out of this world. We were actually going to meet our baby boy sometime over the next 36ish hours. 

I was that excited that I could not sleep. No matter how hard I tried, I was just so awake and smiling. I knew I needed to get some rest but I was finding it hard to feel tired. The though of knowing I was going to go into labour sometime through the night or it was all defiantly happening from 7.30am the next morning had my adrenalin racing through my body. 

After a long night of tossing and turning 6am rolled around and up I got to have a shower, eat breakfast and head to the hospital. 

We went straight into the delivery room and set up…by set up I mean dump all our stuff and chill out until the doctor arrived. As per normal -running late – he strolled on in around 8am, got all things ready, and ‘pop’ my waters were broken. How strange does that feel ladies?! Now it was up to my body to do some work, bring on the contractions! I had 4 hours for this to happen. So off we go doing laps around the hospital (a small country hospital is not that big and exciting so that didn’t last long). 4 hours passed and nothing was happening…drip time it was. I’m all hooked up and within about an hour the contractions started and man they were intense. I remember giggling initially when I started to get the first few, but that didn’t last long. (I laugh at the most awkward and random time…I know some people can relate to that). The pain became more crazy and I began to focus more on that. I didn’t time my contractions so not really sure how far apart they were or how long they lasted but just know they were regular. I do remember clear as day how intense the pain was. I first opted for hot packs to try an sooth some of the pain. I think I lasted all of maybe 20 minutes with those and then to the shower I went. Hot water on full blast. My partner couldn’t bare the heat of the water as he sat there with me in the shower holding the shower head over my groin area. I kept asking if the water could get any hotter (no wonder our little man was ‘overcooked’). I last about 3 hours of this, then decided I needed something more. I was not dealing with the pain so well now. I was offered the gas but because I felt like I was going to throw up when the contractions first came on, the though of having the gas didn’t make me feel good. I just went straight for the epidural. I was dilating well and at 6cm around 4.30pm when I was being administered the epidural. It took a bit for it kick in, but when it did, my gosh that was a huge relief for about 5 hours. I managed to get some much needed rest during that time. As the epidural started to ware off, I started to feel the contractions again (obviously), with the pain in my groin on both sides and my bum…I felt like I had squatted 1000 time for the first time in my life – You know the pain you have in your muscles the day after a crazy workout…It was like that sort of pain for me. I had continued to dilate well with the epidural in action so by the time it had worn off I was ready to push. It was around 10pm and I remember thinking that I didn’t think I could do this anymore as the pain was crazy ouchy again and I couldn’t move…every move I made it hurt. Anyways, the wonderful support from my partner, the midwife and my doctor helped a lot. They were all incredible and kept me going. The doctor told that in 20minutes we’d have our baby in our arms. I pushed a number of times but baby wasn’t moving far. I needed to squat rather than lay on my back with my legs in the air, but every movement hurt. I kept pushing some more in this position and then the midwife convinced me to get to my feet and squat. With the help of my partner, the midwife and the doctor they managed to pull me up into a squat position, and that’s when bubs started moving along more…YAY I say. Baby had progressed more and more each push whilst I was squatting. (Why didn’t I get up like this sooner??) He had let off a scream whilst still mostly in me, but just a quick noise to let mumma know he was pretty much here and some motivation to keep on pushing. And at 11.06pm on the 14th of January our beautiful little boy joined our world in what was a calming, beautiful and loving environment. He weighed in at 8lb 4oz, and 52 cm long. Just perfect and most importantly healthy.

A beautiful moment filled with so much love

Our little treasure

Although I hope I don’t have to be induced again with the next pregnancy as the contractions from having the drip just hit you hard with no build up of intensity, my birth experiences was a beautiful one at that. I was surrounded by support, and people that accepted my wishes – not that I really had any, I just wanted to go with the flow – but when something was wanted from me there were no second questions. 

My amazing partner held my hand at every contraction. He stood with me and held me whilst he was nearly collapsing from poor circulation in his feet (but was too afraid to say anything whilst witnessing what I was going through). I would not have got through it without him by my side. And of course to the 3 midwives that were on shift with me and Kay, my doctor for not being ‘Serious Sally’ the whole time and making me laugh but also providing the medical support he needed to. My mum and mother in law for popping in and out through the day and night. They all provided the most incredible support I could have only wishes for at such a special time in our lives, the moment of welcoming our first child into this world.