Where do I start…? ‘The beginning’ …I guess

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I’m new to this writing thing. I’m certain I’ll make mistakes, so apologies in advance for spelling errors, typos, incorrect gramma and any other things like that…I’m no professional writter.

Firstly, thank you for stopping by and having a look at my blog. 

I’m Kim, a twenty something year old mummy who honestly cannot get enough of this motherhood business. Like honestly, I believe this is what I was made to do. You know how some people are just naturally good at sports and they go on to play at professional levels, well that’s me in motherhood (some of you may laugh and that’s ok) but I believe so anyway. 

I grew up in a small coastal country town in South Australia, and honestly, I thought I’d go to uni and then end up back there. But that didn’t quite happen. Instead once I finished school I jumped on board with a friend and her friend (who I’d never met before) and travelled west. That was the beginning of actually living my life to its fullest. The best thing I have ever done. After travelling for  about 4 years I decided I wanted a bit of structure and routine to my life, so I ended up putting the backpack in the cupboard and took up residency in the beautiful and chaotic city of Sydney for 4 years, where I met my darling fiancé. We then shifted to the Gold Coast for 9 months, and then returned to my home town to birth my baby and have my loving family’s support. 

A reminder to you that we have each other, I am there for you.

Through this time, and in fact right from when I was born I was faced with a lot of heartache. Challenges of losing loved ones, challenges of insecurities about my appearance and challenges of anxiety and probably a bit of depression too. Through many different methods to try and come to terms with everything, I now feel I have a good grasp on all of the above, but certainly still suffer from that dreaded anxiety from time to time.

That’s my life in a snapshot, with more detail to come on certain points.

I hope you enjoy my posts, and please leave me any feedback you feel is necessary so I can improve my blogging skills.

Big hugs xx